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clean your jewelry

To clean jewelry, we recomande to use only a silver polishing cloth "jolibijoux".

Clean them regularly and keep your jewelry sparkle and shine over time. Do not use other cleaning products.




Jewelry adjustment

The flexibility of the metal enable to adjust your jewelry to your body.

This means that for bangle bracelet, ring or rigid necklace like "torque, you can widen or tighten your jewelry a few millimeters.


reglage bague reglage bague


However, this adjustment should be done only once. You can not repeat the operation regularly as you may damage your jewelry, or even break it.



The silver plated metal supports water, perfume, soap. Nevertheless, for better preservation of your jewelry over the years, we recommend to avoid bringing them into contact with these products. In addition, the black paint applied to some jewelry disappear if you put them in contact with water.

The Sidney Carron jewelry should not be brought into contact with cleaning products and especially with bleach. Your jewelry will darken permanently.

Just as silver jewelry, the Sidney Carron jewelry tarnish slightly over time. Do not hesitate to clean regularly your jewelry with your silver polishing cloth to keep them shiny.

The Sidney Carron jewelry do not like shocks, take care of them by placing them individually in organza bag to prevent friction between your different jewelry.