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Sidney Carron is a contemporary jewelry designer. Established in "Le Marais" in Paris for more than 20 years, he finds inspiration through its many travels around the world and particularly in Asia.


photo du createur sidney carron


Jewelery collections are timeless, some of them have more than 15 years and persist in time through the ages. Apart from fashion, Sidney Carron jewelry lack neither originality nor sobriety and seduce women and girls of all ages. Some jewelry is mixed and suitable for both the female and male customers.

The Sidney Carron jewelry are silver plated. They are made in his workshop in the back of his shop. Each jewel Sidney Carron is polished and assembled by hand. The expertise and the manufacturing process of jewelry has evolved over the years to achieve outstanding quality.

In each of its collections, it is possible to combine several parts: pendants, bracelets, rings, earrings .... Feel free to combine several different jewelry collections.